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Homemade Lunch Rollups for the Kids


This is a thrify post- if you’re interested in saving a few pennies on the kids school lunches (I’m kind of out of season, school’s almost over, I know- but sometimes it takes me awhile to get with the program!) In any case, I’ll be doing this for the remainder of the school year anyway.


Have you guys seen these on the shelves near the lunchables? They’re called REV? I found them on sale at the Commissary right when they first came out and they weren’t too hard on the pocketbook- so I grabbed a few (with 4 kids, I might’ve grabbed more than a FEW..) but so you know, my kids REALLY liked the pepperoni ones the best. Ate those first and when we ran out I was immediately asked to buy MORE, Mom!

Alright, so I spoil my kids crazy. This is a well known fact. ..Look at these faces…


 I’m helpless to resist!

Anyway, back to the story- I went to Wal-Mart..thinking I’d save a few bucks there (WRONG!) Those REV roll-ups were almost $3.00 EACH!  [You should've seen my eyes bugg out] Thats crazy town. I wasn’t paying that! LOL.

Not to disappoint my kids- I went all Suzie-Homemaker and decided to go HOMEMADE with these babies.

I Grabbed the basics:


Since the Pepperoni was the kids favorite, I grabbed Sandwich sliced pepperoni (from the deli -1/2 lb will do ya), sliced hard salami, regular tortilla shells, sliced provolone & mozzarella cheese.  Note that these are pretty versitile, you could make them much healthier with whole wheat tortillas, turkey, ham..favorite cheese, slap some mustard on there even!

I used 1 slice of cheese, 3 slices of pepperoni & 3 slices of salami per tortilla and just ROLLED. Cut in half and then place in small plastic ziplock bag. Easy!


Fun fact- I paid a total of $14.20 for meat, cheese & tortillas. It made SIXTEEN lunch roll-ups…thats 2 halves per bag. And that folks, is LESS THAN $1.00 each. In fact thats about $0.88 cents a piece and cost me about $26.00 LESS than if I’d bought 16 of those REV rollups for the kids.  Go ME! (oh, and BTW- The kids like mine better ;) Arent they sweet!?

Lunch Roll ‘ems

2 pkgs regular sized tortillas
1/2 lb sliced sandwich salami
1/2 lb sliced sandwich pepperoni
1 pkg sliced mozzarella
1 pkg sliced provolone


Layer cheese & meat inside tortilla, roll up tightly. Cut in half. Store roll-up in plastic container or ziplock bag.


*Daily Freebie* May 1 – Rainbow Snow Cone


*Daily Freebie!* Rainbow Snow Cone

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